Downpour causes floods in several parts of Kulim


    KULIM — Heavy rain, which came pouring down for about two hours, left several low-lying areas here flooded, including parts of Kulim Hospital.

    Brown murky water could be seen covering roads outside the hospital and flowing into the building itself in viral social media posts.

    In one photo, water was cascading down a 2m-wall into the hospital’s compound where chairs and tables were placed.
    Staff in the hospital quickly rushed to salvage the items and put it on higher ground to prevent damage.

    Minor flooding was also reported elsewhere in Penang and traffic along several roads slowed to a crawl as vehicles manoeuvred through the water.

    The Fire and Rescue Department reported a car being stranded on Jalan Kubang Menerong in Kepala Batas.

    Not far away, on Jalan Simpang Empat in Permatang Buloh, firemen responded to a call reporting that a cow had fallen into a 4m-deep monsoon drain.

    The department’s fire operations and safety officer Nafis Ariff Abdullah said the cow had almost drowned when firemen arrived at the scene.

    “We used a hose and ropes to hoist the cow to safe ground. Fortunately, it was still alive and returned to its owner,” he said.


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