By Afiqah Bahar

UNIVERSITY Technology MARA’s (UITM) Faculty of Music and the Embassy of Colombia in Malaysia will celebrate a milestone in their collaboration in enriching the arts industry with a musical webinar.

This followed a recent agreement between UITM and the embassy.

The webinar, “UiTM Latin American String Quartet with the Embassy of Colombia” features an ensemble of Colombian pieces performed selected musicians from Colombia and Malaysia.

Led by Dr. Juan Mantoya from UITM’s Faculty of Music and Professor Alejandro Roca of Universidad Central, Colombia, the performance will showcase seven piano, mezzo pieces and two string quartet masterpieces by well-known Colombian composers, such as Antonio Maria Valencia, Luis Carlos Figueroa, Jaime leon, Pedro Morales and Gentil Montana.

According to the Dean of UiTM’s Faculty of Music, Associate Professor Dr. Tazul Izan Tajuddin the collaboration is among the faculty’s efforts to encourage interest in music among the public as well as to expose staff and students to different musical genres and widen their skills.

The Colombian Embassy views this perpetuation of diplomatic ties through music, courtesy of the Colombian Promotion Plan with the assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Colombia as a way to empower cultural activities.


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