By Datuk Rejal Arbee

I HAVE over some years agreed with the celebrated British judge, Lord Denning (in context, also equated by Charles Dicken’s Mr Bumble) in saying that the justice system in our country (including our courts) is an ass.

What had transpired in just these couple of days had again

shown how true my fear is.

Ponder how a jobless couple who stole some food from a hypermarket got to serve seven months in jail, and they most probably stole out of necessity because they were hungry.

Yet we also have a minister, who should know better, takes millions of ringgit in bribes, lied to the court, betrayed the trust of the rakyat, especially those who voted for him to be their Member of Parliament and is sentenced to just 12 months in jail, that is just seven months more than the poor couple.

Did he take those millions of ringgit out of necessity? That without taking the money would he have died of starvation? Thus, where is the justice that we have all these while been clamouring for?

Does this not again clearly shows that this country practices different sets of laws, one for the ordinary rakyat who have no means of defending themselves and another for those of means, and a Member of Parliament to boot, who could avail himself the priciest of all the defence attorneys available.

How has this country come to such a situation? Are our Members of Parliament, maybe not all but quite a few of them, are more concerned about their luxurious habits and lifestyles without care for the ordinary rakyats, the kaum marheins?

Where are we heading as a nation?

Should we continue to condone such blokes? I had wanted to use an even more crude description of the perpetrator for taking liberties to enrich themselves further in such a way (even when they are already rich enough).

Shouldn’t we the ordinary Malaysians be saying: Enough is enough?

That we will never condone such acts or behaviour any more?

My wish is that we should just follow what China did to some half a dozen or so of their citizens for bribery: those blokes were just lined up facing about a dozen marksmen or so, who would just shoot them dead.

I am sure with that kind of punishment nobody would ever dare to take money that is not theirs anymore. Now, that is true justice. Period.

— BebasNews

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  1. Once proven, shoot. Save the nation the cost of free meals and free other things in “Sungai Buluh Resort”

  2. This is call Malaysia boleh, I feel very sad, our Malaysia people have to suffer forever, if we don’t charge it

  3. Fully agree sir. Plz get rid of those corrupted n brainless ministers, MP n adun. They r worse than animal. Save d rakyat… make Malaysia great !!!

  4. The silence of the de facto Law Minister in this instance is understandable (since he’s a politician, bird of a same feather) but shouldn’t the Chief Justice advise his/her Judges. Shame! Shame! Shame!


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