KUALA LUMPUR: A group of former Utusan Melayu journalists have set up a new news portal after taking up a voluntary separation scheme (VSS) from the company.

Former assistant editor-in-chief Zaini Hassan, who is one of the founders of bebasnews.my, said the idea of the portal was mooted after he received suggestions on optimising the talents of former journalists whose services might no longer be needed after the VSS.

He said most of the journalists had served Utusan for a long time and had extensive experience in the field.

The portal, which was launched on Saturday, currently has 22 contributors whose main focus is on analysis reports.

“For a start, this will be a news portal where our contributors comment on news that has been reported by the mainstream media.

“This way, we do not have to go out to cover news like the other media. They (the contributors) are free to work online from anywhere,” he told Bernama yesterday.

He said the portal would cover national news on politics and the economy, as well as foreign news in both Malay and English.

He added that bebasnews.my was an independent news portal, not funded by anyone and not tied to any political party.

“Every piece of writing sent in is made on a voluntary basis. We do not pay the contributors,” he said, adding that they had received an overwhelming response so far.


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  1. Syabas kepada anda semua dan saya syorkan buat ruangan untuk pembaca membuat / memberi derma dan saya yakin jika ianya betul betul bebas dari parti parti politik sedia ada serta berita yang dimuatkan begitu jitu dan bernas untuk kepentingan orang ramai lepas ni tiada free article lagi boleh buat subscription. Sekali lagi syabas

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