Kudos to the Prime Minister for not caving in to the `kluster mahkamah`, self serving politicians


By Baljit Singh

1. RECENT developments sparked by a handful of politicians bent on ensuring the collapse of the Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin-led government has caused much anxiety and uncertainty in the country over the past few months.

2. It has not only triggered yet another political upheaval in the nation, but also spooked investors from bringing in much needed cash and job opportunities for Malaysians.

3. In short, the actions of these greedy, power hungry politicians is causing untold harm to the country and bringing more misery to an already depressed population trying to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

4. Ironically, this group of politicians trying hard to topple the government have not even made any attempt to disguise the true cause of their unhappiness with Muhyiddin’s administration.

5. They just want to be let off from answering for the wrongdoings committed during their own reign while holding the highest offices in Putrajaya.

6. The secretary-general of a leading coalition which used to be in power was so brazen that he has openly revealed the main reason his party was against the current government. Citing the ongoing, so-called “cruel” court cases against his party leaders, he said the government needed to be brought down because the prime minister had rejected demands for cases against those hauled to court, now referred to as `kluster mahkamah` by Malaysians, to be dropped.

7. This clearly shows that despite all the criticisms against the government, Muhyiddin has not sold out the judiciary. The prime minister has said over and again that he had no intention of meddling in the administration of justice in the country.

8. Those who have done wrong must be prepared to face the music. Fullstop. Such stand taken by Muhyiddin has set him apart from other aspiring leaders of the nation who have had no qualms saying one thing to the people one day and making a complete about turn the next.

9. There have been reports that these politicians – who used to condemn each other over mismanagement of the country, are now working hard behind the scenes to unite and form an alliance to topple the government so that they can take over and cancel out charges against each other.

10. “We need to start on a clean new slate” has now become their mantra. It is not only appalling but downright shameful we have such people aspiring to lead this beautiful nation of ours.

11. Despite being forced to implement yet another round of Movement Control Order (MCO) and declaration of Emergency, Muhyiddin has promised that general elections would be held once the Covid-19 pandemic is brought under control. It is clear enforcing the lockdown was not something the prime minister wanted, but a measure which had to be taken in the interest of people’s safety.

12. Covid-19 is without doubt the biggest threat to the people and we have seen similar measures taken around the world to contain this deadly virus. We cannot and must not let a handful of greedy, self serving politicians manipulate the democratic process to regain power and continue with their despicable ways.

Baljit Singh
Vice President, Gerakan

Kudos to the Prime Minister for not caving in to the `kluster mahkamah`, self serving politicians

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Posted by Baljit Singh on Tuesday, 12 January 2021



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