Image by Uwe Hoh from Pixabay
By Yeap Ming Liong

PLEASE periodically check the rubber pads on your vehicle’s brake pedal. Many people tend to forget this integral piece of rubber when maintaining their cars. These rubber pads wear down over time and the driver might lose grip while stepping on the brake pedal.

Most vehicle spare part shops sell rubber pad. It is inexpensive to replace and most of the time you can do it yourself. It is also advisable to replace the rubber pads for the clutch pedal if you are driving a manual transmission vehicle.

On top of the mechanical aspect, it is also important that vehicle owners maintain the accessories and lightings systems too. It is a very common sight to see vehicles on the road with busted tail lights and brake lights. Most are unaware that their lighting system has failed while others just don’t bother to even get it fixed.

My message is simple. Do not dice with death. Being visible from the back is equally essential as the road ahead to prevent accidents. Please adopt the concept of driving and riding to be seen.

Always spare a moment to check to see if your signal, tail and brake lights and headlamps of your vehicle are working. All these are in place for your safety and failure to properly maintain these systems only spell danger.

I would also like to send out a strong message to motorists, who are still driving aggressively and dangerously. Stop your nonsense. Your action only brings harm. Don’t wait until there is blood on your hands to halt your foolish behaviour. Change your ways now and practice safe and defensive driving.

Be a safe, responsible and courteous road user for everyone’s safety.

Subang Jaya, Selangor

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