KUALA LUMPUR – The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is expected to receive six of the 12 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) procured from the United States mid-November this year.
A Ministry of Defence (Mindef) statement issued today stated that delivery of the assets through the Maritime Security Initiative (MSI) will be made stages until 2022.

The US has provided assistance in the form of asset capability and training to several nations, including Malaysia to help raise Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) in the Southeast Asian region.

“The MSI programme is fully funded by the United States without any costs incurred by the Malaysian government.

“The ScanEagle UAVs will help Malaysia boost its maritime surveillance,” the statement read.

“Malaysia, as a maritime nation, very much needs to be equipped with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to watch over strategic routes in the Malacca Straits, South China Sea and the Sulu Sea.

“In line with our neutral stand and efforts to strengthen our network of friendship, Malaysia welcomes defence cooperation with all parties of interest, including the US and China, to protect the nation’s security and the stability of the Southeast Asian region,” the statement read.

The statement also mentioned that the ministry will be be receiving two Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) units and three Medium Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Airborne System (MALE UAS) units under the 12th Malaysia Plan.


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